Each of our rooms has its feel to it and can be designed to suit your needs. We will discuss the seating

and desired usage of the room together with you.

U-Form        Gala-Dinner       Concert          Seminar         Blocktable


Our biggest room has a window front that can be lowered into the ground so you even a veranda feeling and direct access to the terrace. The room consists of three partial rooms; Rigi, Stanserhorn and Bürgenstock which can be used separately or together adding up to 160m².

        65 persons                110 persons                      140 persons                   100 persons 

Rigi and Stanserhorn 


The rooms Rigi and Stanserhorn measure 60m² each and perfectly suited for up to 40 people.

per hall

25 persons     40 persons       50 persons        40 persons      22 persons 



Slightly smaller than Rigi and Stanserhorn with 40m², this room offers an unrestricted view of the lake and the surrounding mountains and may be used as plenum of Rigi and Stanserhorn.

15 persons     30 persons       40 persons       20 persons       16 persons 


Our most modern room fitted with all technical equipment
required is perfect for undisturbed meetings
and training courses. The room measures 45m².

15 persons                30 persons                  40 persons             18 persons            16 persons


Our rustic room Mythen is perfect for smaller meetings
of up to 10 people and may also be used for group seminars.

Its unrestricted view of the lake will empower you

brainstorming session. The room measures 35m².

14 persons            14 persons                   16 persons             12 persons                 10 persons

Seehotel Kastanienbaum AG, St. Niklausenstrasse 105, 6047 Kastanienbaum
Tel. +41 41 340 0 340,
The restaurant is open from 7 am to 10 pm.
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